Projects of Saturday

Since starting the Dinah blog,  I've been at a loss as to what to post here on the Juliette blog. I decided these "boring" pictures would fit the bill. By boring, I guess I mean not involving a small child  :-)

Matthew helped his cousin with a welding project today.
Can you tell what it will be?

Well, just imagine that the bottom is a cow and the top is a pig, because that's what we joked he could paint this like. (Because I think it looks like a pig standing on top of a cow, just in case that didn't make sense.)

"If you can find paint that can withstand 400 degree heat!" Daniel informs us.

Guess this smoker will remain plain-jane.

The progress of the seed cleaner is as follows.
I do not currently possess the knowledge to explain any of this to you.

Oh wait! The three rectangular shaped things in the middle, I believe, are 'length graders,' and is the part of the machine that will separate the seed by length. 

I worked on the garden.
Here's what we're looking like so far:

Broccoli and brussels sprouts. We made a border out of broken tiles.

Sherlyn Melon. Have bugs been eating it? There are a few bites and the leaves are turning yellow.

Lettuces and string beans.

Another melon. Same deal as the first.

Artistic shot trying to get the whole garden. You can see the carrots pretty clearly here - the wet line that was just watered!

Little herb garden outside the back door.

Thyme in the planter, oregano and a marigold on the ground.

The bamboo tree...my favorite color!

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