If the Hat Fits...

My dad bought a bunch of baseball caps for like $2. He bought at least 20 baseball caps of all sorts. My sister asked him why he bought all those funny baseball caps, and he said, "Because they were only $2."
Makes sense.

He thoroughly sifted through them and mentally assigned caps to people. The TCU caps for my sister (who spent one semester there her freshman year), the windmill hat for my husband, the GEM hat for his friend he'd taken to the Gem Theatre, the Bob Marley hats for...oh I'm sure he had someone in mind.
and for me,
the Trucker Girl hat.

Cool, dad. Thanks.
So yeah, I did go and marry this guy who works on farms and stuff.
And yeah, maybe he does drive big trucks. Sometimes. And maybe I've been in them with him. Occasionally.
But isn't this a little extreme?

In addition, my husband thought the hat was way cute. It's brown with lavender accents, says 'Trucker Girl,' in fancy Calligraphic type, has dainty little angel wings on either side of the words, and says 'Kenworth,' on it somewhere. I think on the back. (**side note: for those of you unawares, Kenworth is a big trucking company). I left it in the Middle City for the winter.

And we've ventured back to the small town and settled in for the long winter.
So to speak.

We've been here 3 weeks, and it feels like 3 months. Time moves slowly here, and to tell you the truth, I love that.

What I love most about the winter is that I get to see my husband all the time. And I love that.
We hang out.
We do projects.
We buy semi-trucks.

That's normal, right? Three years of marriage to this man and nothing should surprise me now. So when he started to talk about buying a truck to haul a trailer (the fact that I know different kinds of trailers is a whole other fun story) to carry a new seed cleaner that he's planning on building, I didn't think much of it. I mean, I really had no frame of reference of what would come to pass.

And now...
we have a semi-truck.

A semi.

Like the ones you see on the road and try to pass real fast because you don't want to get caught behind them.

A semi.

Ok, and now that we've established that, it's actually kinda pretty. It's red, extremely spacious, and apparently electronically genius. It runs all sorts of diagnostic tests as it loads -- er -- starts up.
It's a genius.
And it's just the front part.
I guess that's how you buy them -- trailers sold separately. Sometimes you see them driving on the highway like that, driving around, a lonely little front part.
You sort of feel sorry for them.
But it's a little cute, too.

Ok, but seriously, it's a semi.

It's just too bad I forgot the hat. 

Checking over the merchandise

My husband (on the right) and the nice gentleman
who sold him the truck

vroom vroom...


  1. Are you JOKING? I know someone who owns a SEMI???

  2. I'm just waiting for my chance to take it for a spin.