I Knew She Was a Sponge, I Didn't Know She Was a Mirror

It's evident that things have slowed back down to a manageable pace over the past four months or so.

We all sleep more at night.
I've been cleaning and cooking a lot more.
And I've managed to spend more time (probably more than I need to) on Facebook and blogs.

Yep, it's evident that we no longer have a newborn, but a full-fledged infant.

She's fallen into a nice little rhythm of eating, playing, and napping (mostly in her travel crib because we've been on the go so much). So, today, when she wanted to nap in my lap on the couch, I totally conceded.

In fact, I wanted her to.
In fact, I loved every minute of it.
In fact, I love every moment with her.

I realize that she has been "soaking" up information for over four months now: sorting, filing, and trying to make sense of the world she's living in. And the funniest thing started happening...

A few days ago, she started making little coughing, choking, gagging noises.
Ok, I know. That's not funny.
And it's not really as dramatic as I make it sound. Almost like she's clearing her throat, "eh, eh, eh..."

It's been getting really cold out, so I thought she was just reacting to me touching her with my cold hands. Then, she started doing it at other times too: when other people were holding her, and just out of the blue.

Yesterday, it hits him, and Matthew says, "That's her name for YOU!"
What? I thought. What are you talking about?

"She's mimicking that noise that you make to her all the time!"

The noise he's referring to started the day that Dinah began to giggle. She was lying on the couch, and I leaned over the top of her, got my face close to hers, and started whispering hehehe. It made her laugh, and I was elated. It was amazing, endearing, hysterical all at the same time. Naturally, I have continued ad nauseum. Well, apparently, she began associating that noise with me, and after a few weeks began reflecting it back to me. She does it when she's looking at me, when she wants me, or wants something from me.

We laughed so hard when we figured this out.

And the only thing funnier is that since Matthew blows "raspberries" on her tummy ever day...
We're pretty sure his name is spit.  :)


  1. Oh love. What a sweet story. She's a doll.

  2. i stumbled upon this post at the leading of Holy Spirit i am certain. What an amazing gift of writing and discerning and to me the reader. Thank you. It was lovely amd sweet and witty and I hope you get 100 recipes/

  3. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You must be part of the recipe exchange...Well I sure hope I get 100 too! Haha :)

  4. Oh, what a beautiful girl. You guys are so smart. John does a similar thing and we don't know why - we say he's "fake coughing" and I think he does it to make us laugh. But I love that she's such a smarty pants and has a name for you already. So wonderful.