Fit for Mothering

We arrived back home Monday night after being on the road for about 3 months, off and on. I felt myself let out the longest sigh and tried to think back at where I'd been and what I'd done, but I couldn't wrap my head around it all quite yet. Knowing I will be here without too much travel until the end of the seed cleaning season is a huge relief. I know by now that this may not actually be what happens, but we have nothing in the works, and its good enough to know that I can unpack my bags, at least for a while!

The last time I really unpacked my bags was June 18th, a Friday night. Matthew had been working on the house for 6 months straight, and we finally moved enough furniture in to spend the night! My midwife, Sheila pushed to get our mattress moved into the house as she had been there since Wednesday with very little progress on my part ;) She was certain I had to be settled into my place before things would start moving. Things sure did get moving Saturday, and by Sunday night I had started into labor.

So yes, I like to be at home!

Don't get me wrong, I think there's a grace for all the traveling. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to stay together as a family and not be tied down by a job or regular commitments in one place. In fact, it is our commitments and obligations that allow us to be mobile and go where we are needed in a moments notice. And we end up getting some pretty amazing opportunities along the way.

When we were in Costa Rica a few years back, I remember praying that God would begin to "fit me for motherhood," whatever that meant. I think that traveling has been part of what he's used to do that...

Today, I went to dance class. We do ballet arm circle exercises with weights and I was amazed at how "easy" it was! For some reason, it really took me by surprise. The last time I did those exercises was four months ago or so. Back then, I had to use the low weight, and my arms and back hurt when I did them. Well, since that time I've gone from toting around a 7 or 8 lb baby to toting around a 17-18 lb baby (plus car-sear!) 

...In the same way, we've been traveling so much, that the last time Matthew got a phone call saying we "might" have to do a job in Kansas City, I said "Fine!" and started gathering my things before he was even off of the phone. We left town about 3 hours later and didn't get back for three weeks.

Sometimes I daydream about things I should get better at, as a wife/mother, you know, the yummy meals and felt projects displayed on Pinterest. And then Matthew calls and says he needs me make a transfer, research a credit line, pull down a cabinet, screw on an electrical cover. And I realize I've become a little bit more fit to be his wife than I was before. Though I have so far to go.

Since seed cleaning season ended last year, we have been to Manhattan (multiple times), Topeka, Kansas City, Arlington, Edmond, St. Louis, Seattle (Matt), Nashville (Matt), Louisport (Matt), and back home for a few days at a time. I am grateful for all the time with friends and family, and all the opportunities to grow our business, and to bless peoples' lives whenever possible.

Still, there is just something about being in your own home that can't be found anywhere else.

In Costa Rica, not yet fit :)

Briefly home at Christmastime

Took the cabinet down to rewire yesterday, took only 10 minutes. Matthew refuses to pose for pictures. 

Bananas for breakfast. First time in the high chair (which was mine). We are a mess, but we are home!


  1. This is a great, reflective post Al. I love being on the road and liking to travel, but some days I am just so glad to be HOME. But this post also makes me miss Dinah. CUTIE.

    1. You've done cute things with your little home. It looks like "yours." Its funny how that happens with each new place we set up. I have a new blog for Dinah: www.dearmissdinah.blogspot.com.

  2. I hope this summer we actually get to visit you three in your home on our way to Colorado. Glad you are settled at least for awhile. Remember how much moving around we did in Avery's first year? Crazy. You are much better fitted for such wandering with a "little" than I . Miss yoU!

    1. It will be so fun if you do! Yes I remember all your moving. And I definitely don't feel better fitted wandering than you! You just make it work. :)